Jawbone vs Fitbit

I’ve blogged a few times before about my love of Jawbone activity trackers – here and here are just two examples. They look good, are super easy to set up and use, have always been pretty accurate and I’ve been loyal to the brand for a few years now.

However, last month my Jawbone UP3 randomly stopped syncing with my phone. I tried everything – resetting the Jawbone, turning my Bluetooth and my phone on and off, reading reams of Jawbone support stuff online… then ended up purchasing a brand new Jawbone (at around £85) which lasted all of 12hrs before that also died a death and would no longer track my steps or sleep. I even went to the Apple Store because I thought there might be something wrong with my iPhone! But no, it’s just shoddy design on Jawbone’s part and bad luck on mine. I’m not really a complainer and can’t be bothered with the hassle of returning items, so £170 down, I just binned everything related to Jawbones and started researching their competitor, Fitbit, instead.

FitBit Charge 2 Rose GoldI took the short Fitbit online comparison test which told me that the ‘Charge 2’ model would likely be the most appropriate product due to my lifestyle and requirements. I immediately loved the design and the fact that it has all the features of the Jawbone UP3, plus more. The bracelet band is interchangeable and the step count shows up on the clock-face as you step in real time, which is a total novelty and saves having to log into an app and performing a manual sync to see how many steps you’ve done! I looked at reviews and watched YouTube videos on how to set up and use the device. I also asked Twitter what the best Fitbit device is, and out of the 30-odd replies, the majority said the Charge 2. So that sealed the deal!

I purchased all of my Jawbones online from reputable Amazon-fulfilled suppliers, but decided that this time I’ll walk into Curry’s and ‘do it properly’, because at £140 the Rose Gold Charge 2 is more than double the price of a Jawbone UP3, and I don’t want to risk any more activity-tracker related dramas!

FitBit Charge 2 Rose GoldOnce home and unboxed, the Charge 2 was simple and easy to set up and start using: it required charging and I had to download an app and sign up to Fitbit, which involved creating an account and entering my vital statistics. From there, it was just a case of playing around and experimenting. I can pick and chose what displays on my clock-face and even how the information is presented. My iPhone text messages show up on the screen and I can read the whole message, which is another massive novelty! It’s a clock, messenger and activity tracker all in one and I’m completely obsessed. I’ve ordered different coloured bands (black, white, navy and pink) and am excited to try those out, too. The band feels comfortable on my wrist and is super easy to take on and off. I can’t imagine not wearing an activity tracker now, having worn one for years, and my wrist feels naked without one!

A week on, I genuinely love my new band and can’t recommend it highly enough. It makes the Jawbone look a bit simple and I’ll definitely be sticking to Fitbits from now on.




2 thoughts on “Jawbone vs Fitbit

  1. Hi Laura I came across your blog and it’s been really helpful to me as I’ll be running three 10K races this year. I’ve really enjoyed reading through all your past posts. I just got the Fitbit charge 2 and used it for the first time to track my run today. I was pleased with it too as I have previously just been using the Nike
    Run Club app.

    When is your next run?


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