Medal hangers and bib displays

I’ve collected a fair amount of medals over the last few years of which I’m very proud, and would love to be able to hang them up. Currently they’re all hidden away in a box under the bed as I rent a flat and my landlord won’t authorise the use of raw plugs or screws into the wall, which is a shame. Some of the medals are quite chunky and all together the collection is heavy, so aside from investing in a space-abusing standing cabinet, I can’t think of how else to display them, so I guess they’ll have to stay where they are for now.

I’ve done some research on which medal hanger I would purchase if I could, and have fallen in love with this one: It’s very pricey but seemingly perfect for me – one of my favourite quotes by an inspirational lady – and it has the capacity to hold a large amount of medals. I can imagine it would look stunning on a wall!

Medal hanger
Medal hanger

I stumbled across an inspiring blog post the other day. A man has created a scrapbook or a ‘Bib Book’ for his son-in-law using his running bibs: . I love this idea and am fascinated; art and craft is another passion of mine and the thought of creating a scrapbook full of running memories is something that I’ll definitely be investigating. I’ve kept all of my running bibs and they’re stored safely along with my medals: it would be great to do something with them. I could stick a photo and race details next to each bib perhaps. This scrapbook idea would help to preserve them, too. Maybe a project for a few years’ time? To be continued…!

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